The ultimate Liaison

Why not have a ponder through our gallery and see which lady you would like for this weekend?
Even staying in luxurious West London can become a little routine after a while. This is when some of our customers are booked for a long city-break abroad. International assignments are always a delight for our ladies.

Some of our beautiful young ladies are European and love to show off their knowledge of the world’s cities. Of all of them, a break to New York is a break worth having! You have only got to ask and our team of friendly receptionists will be only too happy to help you decide which lady would be most suited for your weekend. We know all our ladies personally and will highly recommend the best if you were indeed planning to spend a long time with a particular lady. You are able to talk to her first to talk though certain requirements – so no need to worry you will be in safe hands with 24hr Companions.

Stop for a minute and really look around, how many couples are there? If you weed out the long-marrieds, the sweethearts and the parents, what are you left with? The older man with his ‘mistress’ it may well be one of our escorts and her Friday evening client spending the night in their favourite hotel. Notice the way the concierge smiles at them and the barman knows their favourite drinks. Perhaps they always book the same suite of rooms – our clients love to spoil our ladies as much as possible.

What do you have planned for this weekend? How about you arrange that special ‘something’ and to take one of our escorts to town for dinner and a show or simply to enjoy some retail therapy?

Most tourists (and even some native Londoners) enjoy coming into the heart of London on a Friday or Saturday night. The train stations and tubes are often crammed to the hilt with commuters – business or pleasure, it all happens in the Capital.

However, you spend your weekend let it start right here with our 247 escorts. Just give us a call and book your favourite lady for that fantastic Friday or Saturday (or both) fun and you’ll wonder why you haven’t done it before!!

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