Sexy secrets

First of all, our ladies really love intimacy. They know a lot of other escorts view intimacy and faking interest in intimacy as part of their job, we really do love true intimacy.

Our lovely ladies have always prided themselves on the ability to have fun and genuinely enjoy fun, and that is the case for all of our girls. They actually enjoy intimacy and all that it offers.

Our ladies really do enjoy their job. They don’t want to do a nine to five job, so 24hr Companions work offers our lady’s a lot of fun and thrills and they certainly want to enjoy all those thrills and fun. Our girls are genuine so it would be hard for them to fake the thrills they get from their job. They love meeting new people and they love trying out new things.

Getting dressed up for dates is another thing they really enjoy. They imagine meeting a new client and they think to themselves – what is this guy like? What kind of things does he enjoy and how can we make this date great fun and really enjoyable for him?

Does he like busty escorts or slimmer girls? Does he look for blondes or brunettes? They choose their outfits according to what he is looking for. If he likes busty escorts, for example, they make sure they choose the lingerie and the outfit that shows off their curves to perfection. If he likes blonde escorts, they brush my hair till it gleams and they make sure it hangs over their shoulders to full advantage.

Skin-on-skin contact is their favourite thing, so they make sure their skin is in perfect condition – clean and soft and crying out to be touched.

Our overnight escorts like a lot of conversation too, so we think about what we want to talk about during our exchange and we think about what a client would like to hear. Conversation in itself is very intimate, don’t you find?

Why not book one of our 247 escorts and explore their sexy secrets?

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