Uncompromising pleasure

Many of our clients staying in town for business require one of our overnight escorts in London to join them there for some companionship at their hotel. All of our young ladies are available for hotel bookings and we always aim to match you with the perfect companion for your requirements.

If you’re staying in central London we can have your chosen escort arrive at you hotel within 30 minutes. Now how’s that for room service! Whether it be for lunch, dinner, travel or just a moments relaxation, we guarantee that our girls are polite, sophisticated and friendly and make the perfect dream dates for any occasion. We always aim to offer a first class service and have a wide selection of young ladies available 247 for both incalls and outcalls for you to choose from.

We have stunning escorts situated across the whole of the capital so no matter where you’re staying we can have a beautiful young lady come and join you in your hotel quickly and efficiently. Once we’ve confirmed you’re staying at the hotel, one of our girls can be with you at a moments notice to provide you with some quality time and relaxation.

All of our ladies here at 24hr Companions are friendly and engaging. They always provide very pleasurable companionship whatever the occasion and are always the perfect choice for even the pickiest of men.

Our ladies are the perfect choice. From blondes to brunettes, British to Brazilian, you’ll find them all here at 24hr Companions. For photos and details on all of our lovely ladies please view their profiles found in the main gallery.

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The talk of the town

Here at 24hr Companions we have one of the best selections of incall escorts in the capital. Our gorgeous escorts are available throughout central London and are always extremely accommodating and welcoming, with lovely, clean and spacious apartments. Our girls offer a friendly, reliable and unrushed service at all times.

This month, why not book an appointment with the beautiful Candy… She’s tucked away in Baker Street and is a stunning overnight escort and the perfect playmate for a mid February treat.

Candy is a lovely and very friendly escort. She’s stunning, slim, sexy, extremely good fun and has a fantastically naughty imagination that’s guaranteed to keep you entertained for hours! Her fun and flirty nature and sweet personality make her a very popular young lady and she’s in high demand. Candy is available for incalls in Baker Street and outcalls across central London.

Our charming escorts make excellent companions and if you’re looking for that someone extra special to enjoy some quality time with, what better way is there to do it than in the company of a sexy young lady who not only knows how to have a good time but it’s what she does for a living!

With the most beautiful selection of stunning escorts in London 24hrs a day, we guarantee to always have a charming, sweet, sexy, fun young lady ready to turn your day into a dream that will brighten up even the dullest week.

Our gorgeous girls are always polite, well presented and delightful, whatever the occasion. Put a smile on your face and discover what it is that makes 24hr Companions the talk of the town…..

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Delectable delicacies

The more you learn about how our girls ticks, the better your intimate time will be. Most escorts love to talk about themselves, and are more than happy to let you talk about yourself too. After all, providing good escort services is all about making you feel good, so they’ll love to take your lead on this.

Every good escort encounter goes better when suitable refreshments are provided. Stop off at one of the many trendy cafes or bars around the West End. Or maybe even treat your date to a delicious light lunch or afternoon tea. Take some time to just relax, enjoy a few drinks and get to know each other.

Order some delicious food, a good bottle of wine and just relax. If you plan to make visiting our 24hr escorts, or one particular escort, a regular occurrence whenever you’re in London, it’s a good idea to build a relationship. After all, although meeting someone new each time can be very exciting, it can be just as exciting to look forward to meeting someone you already know. Especially if you’ve had a hot time on all your previous dates.

If you’ve chosen an incall escort service, you can head to her incall apartment and put those flowers in water, or if you’ve chosen an outcall service, invite her to model her brand new shoes in the privacy of your hotel room.

Whichever way you go, we’re sure that your shopping trip with will reap its own rewards and, who knows, you might be tempted to repeat it all again, the next time you book an overnight escort from 24hr Companions.

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Shopping fever!!

All girls love to shop. In fact, all of our 24hr Companions love shopping almost as much as they love providing escort services to guys just like you. So when you make a longer booking with one of our ladies, whether you’ve chosen to meet with one of our more mature ladies or one of our new sexy escorts, why not treat her to a trip around the shops of the West End. We’re sure she’s going to be really grateful and show her appreciation in all kinds of naughty ways.

If you’ve booked a 24hr escort for the whole day, here are some tips on how to fill your time. While we’re sure most of you have plenty of ideas, sometimes it’s nice to leave the confines of your executive escort’s apartment or your hotel room and see what the great city of London has to offer.

All our sexy London escorts love to be invited to accompany their clients to any event. However, one invite which will really get all escorts excited and ready for action, is an invitation to go shopping with you.

Your first port of call could be one of the high class shoe shops. No lady can resist the lure of new shoes. Take a look at our gallery of ladies and check out the fantastic array of shoes worn by our gorgeous 24hr Companions and you can see that a sexy pair of shoes will be high on any of our girls shopping list.

Another irresistible option would be to take her to a lingerie shop to choose a set of lingerie. Maybe you’ve decided to meet with one of our ladies and you want to make sure that she has some sophisticated and alluring lingerie to wear for your date.

Let her choose something that makes her feel comfortable and she’s more likely to give you a personal showing later. And of course, a lingerie shopping trip is the perfect place to get to know your escort’s taste in lingerie, not to mention her size, so that if you plan to visit this escort regularly you can surprise her with a tasteful present at a later date. So be sure to put her sizes into your phone. Be assured, there’s nothing worse than buying your hot and sexy escort underwear in the wrong size!

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24hr Party Girls

Some of you may prefer to let your hair down at the end of your working day, and that’s where our girls really come into their own. We are talking about the kind of girls who’ll definitely show you how to have a good time. From the moment they turn up for your date, groomed to perfection and dressed to kill, you’ll feel energised, uplifted and in the mood for fun. Our party girls have the ability to revive even the most jaded client until they’re ready for anything that the world throws at them and if that happens to be in the shape of one of our sensationally, sexy escorts, then aren’t you eager to find out just how much fun our escorts can be?

Once you spend time in the company of one of our young ladies you’ll understand why our girls are some of the most requested escort in London and why more and more guys are choosing to end a busy working day in the company of one of our girls.

So whenever you’re feeling like a pick me up after a hard day at work, choose one of our charming companions. They’ll help you to feel like a new man in no time at all. They’ll soothe you and cosset you, revive and energise you and use all their knowledge to make you forget all your work worries and concerns.

If the thought of winding down with a sexy escort has tickled your taste buds and if other parts of your body are starting to tingle with the thought of spending some time in the company of one of these attentive girls, then why not take a close look through our gallery of overnight escorts. We know you’re going to be totally spoilt for choice, but don’t worry too much as all our girls know exactly how to give a guy like you a good time. When you’ve made your choice, simply pick up the phone and speak to one of our receptionists. They’ll help you with all the necessary arrangements and can offer advice if required.

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Treating your lady

Designer clothing, bespoke suits, stunning jewellery and eye-catching timepieces can all be yours in London. All it takes is a flash of your credit card and you’ll soon be laden down with those stylish designer name carriers.

And if you’d like to treat your 24hr Companion to a little luxury shopping with you, once again you’ll be spoilt for choice by the array of upmarket boutiques and designer shops on offer. To emulate the super-rich, you really need the services of a personal shopper who’ll do all the hard work for you, finding the most exclusive and sought after items in town.

When the party’s over and it’s time to sleep, make sure you’ve got a room booked at the Dorchester or The Savoy. These opulent hotels are favoured by the rich and famous and provide the perfect place to recharge your batteries. With ultra-luxurious surroundings and a selection of beautifully appointed suites, these renowned hotels are absolutely ideal for those times when you require total pampering, especially as their concierge service ensures that you receive personal attention from evening till morning.

Has all this whetted your appetite? Do you have dreams of spending time with one of our gorgeous overnight escorts in this way? Maybe you’re one of the lucky ones with the right connections and credentials to enjoy the super-rich lifestyle. If not, take a leaf out of the books of the super-rich and treat your date to a delicious dinner, a trip to a club and a night in a luxury hotel. While you may not be able to frequent the likes of the Ivy or the Dorchester, your chosen London escort is sure to be very appreciative.

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The best lovers

We are asked all the time which men make the best lovers? By which men we mean, which nationalities. We think all nationalities have their plus points – of course we’re going to be diplomatic about this, we don’t want to annoy any of the world’s men! – and all have their minuses.

Traditionally, Italian or French men are cited as wonderful lovers – the men who speak the language of romance should be romantic themselves, but our 247 escorts have not found that to be an automatic. But the young men are certainly energetic shall we say.

We know our girls have a sneaky fondness for the English man – they like their courtly manners in and out of the bedroom, they like the way they can be shy and reserved, but turn the lights out, turn up the intimacy and all of that changes. It is very refreshing.

They like the way English men love to go on dates too. They get a big kick out of being seen in places with an attractive woman on their arms. We think English men are less fussy than some nationalities – by that we mean that they don’t necessarily prefer Latin escorts or English escorts – they just love beautiful women.

As for Welsh and Scottish men, they love their accents and find the way they speak incredibly sexy and they tell us they could listen to them for a long, long time.

Americans like to talk, and listening is an important part of the profession so they are always happy to listen if someone wants to offload their terrible day at work, or unhappy life. It’s all part of the service.

Our ladies tell us they are quite keen on Scandinavian men, who usually have a rugged outdoors handsomeness and remind them of Vikings – big, butch and macho.

The Russians have an intensity which other nationalities do not have. This can make them thoughtful lovers – and sometimes a little scary – and they definitely appreciate beautiful women. They like women with long hair, big breasts and slim bodies. They are also very fond of passionate south American girls.

And finally Australian men – our London escorts find them every straightforward and very sure of what they want. Which is good, as an upfront man is very easy to deal with in this line of work.

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Looking forward to Spring

Such an exciting time of year! We can safely say that our lives is all about constant excitement, but as the days lengthen and the weather warms up, excitement levels start to soar…

What is it about warm weather which sends the libidos leaping? Warm weather means for most people that layers of clothes come off. The padded coats, thick jumpers, scarves, hats and gloves are no longer necessary and the feel of the sun on the skin warms us up.

Wearing less clothing and feeling warmer means the through of divesting garments no longer seems so disagreeable so that is why it is easier to feel sexy in the warmer weather.

And the sun is so cheering! Londoners can be stern and grim-faced, but the sun brings out our natural cheeriness and we smile at strangers in the street, congratulating ourselves on having survived another winter.

Spring brings all the thrill of new activities – new outdoor restaurants to visit. Then there are the exhibitions, the markets, the concerts, the festivals and the new nightclub launches. If there is something new that has caught your attention and you find yourself in want to beautiful and entertaining companionship, then we can only recommend the services of the best escorts in London.

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Spice up your life

24hr Companions add a little bit of spice to your sex life so we’re always happy to oblige with handy tips and secrets. It seems only appropriate that as the weather gets colder outside, we make sure it’s kept warm in other ways…

Start off with a sincere, enthusiastic attitude. There is nothing quite as sexy as enthusiasm

Try out some different locations. If you have been in a relationship for a while, no doubt you’ve got used to the old and the familiar. The sofa instead of the bed is one place to start, but why not also look at your bathroom and kitchen. Send a sexy text. Send him or her a text which outlines just exactly what you will be doing to them later that day. If this is something you never do, the unexpectedness of it will make it really special.

There is no doubt men like the visuals, so we recommend when the weather heats up you start to walk around in your Agent Provocateur Lingerie more often. It’s a kind of look but don’t touch thing, a prelude for what is to come.

Here is one tip our escorts in London know all about… ladies, keep those high heels on at all times. It’s really, really sexy. The added advantage is that you get to show your legs off at their very best.

Go super slow. Everything in the 21st century is done at super-fast speed, including intimacy but if you slow everything right down it makes it more intense. Try it and find out for yourself.

Swap clothing. I’m not talking the full-on transvestite look, but if you pick out his favourite football shirt and wear it with nothing underneath, it can be a real turn-on. Gents, we’re not sure wearing your girlfriend’s bra will suit you, but pulling on her pants might well be unexpectedly delicious.

Be loud and proud. If you normally hold back when the thrill of the moment hits you, why not let loose with those screams of ecstasy? There is no bigger compliment to a sexual partner than to hear
their prowess celebrated so audibly.

Jump in the shower with your partner when they are not expecting you. A little soapy fun is delightful, as our young ladies know very well.

And there we have it – the very best ways to spice up your intimate life. Enjoy

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Sexy secrets

First of all, our ladies really love intimacy. They know a lot of other escorts view intimacy and faking interest in intimacy as part of their job, we really do love true intimacy.

Our lovely ladies have always prided themselves on the ability to have fun and genuinely enjoy fun, and that is the case for all of our girls. They actually enjoy intimacy and all that it offers.

Our ladies really do enjoy their job. They don’t want to do a nine to five job, so 24hr Companions work offers our lady’s a lot of fun and thrills and they certainly want to enjoy all those thrills and fun. Our girls are genuine so it would be hard for them to fake the thrills they get from their job. They love meeting new people and they love trying out new things.

Getting dressed up for dates is another thing they really enjoy. They imagine meeting a new client and they think to themselves – what is this guy like? What kind of things does he enjoy and how can we make this date great fun and really enjoyable for him?

Does he like busty escorts or slimmer girls? Does he look for blondes or brunettes? They choose their outfits according to what he is looking for. If he likes busty escorts, for example, they make sure they choose the lingerie and the outfit that shows off their curves to perfection. If he likes blonde escorts, they brush my hair till it gleams and they make sure it hangs over their shoulders to full advantage.

Skin-on-skin contact is their favourite thing, so they make sure their skin is in perfect condition – clean and soft and crying out to be touched.

Our overnight escorts like a lot of conversation too, so we think about what we want to talk about during our exchange and we think about what a client would like to hear. Conversation in itself is very intimate, don’t you find?

Why not book one of our 247 escorts and explore their sexy secrets?

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